Avi Finegold

Avi Finegold, Jewish Food project, Federation CJA

Avi Finegold is an educator living in Montreal with his family. He is a self described “food baal tshuva” and for thee years he cooked with chef Laura Frankel at Wolfgang Puck in Chicago.

1. What is your favourite Jewish food?
Any food that enhances and creates a Jewish moment, whether roast chicken on Friday night, or Matza and Marror (with my springtime blood orange and strawberry Charoset) at the Seder.

2. What is the strangesr thing in your fridge?
Vermouth-soaked olives for Martinis.

3. What would you eat for your last meal?
I hope to live a very long life and I have no clue what foods will be served then, so whatever chefs are cooking up that is fresh and seasonal (if that’s even a thing at the end of the 21st century).

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