Keren Ollo

Keren Ollo has had a passion for cooking since the age of five. She and her mother have a strong bond, so she was constantly by her side as a child, watching the Food Network and browsing through cookbooks. Keren has always known she had a passion for the culinary industry and it stems from her mother’s basic home cooking lessons. After CEGEP, she decided to attend culinary school and completed her Cuisine Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu. Keren has been working in restaurants since the age of 18 and is now focusing on catering and becoming a private chef. The food industry is tough and tiring but Keren says seeing people enjoying her food makes up for the long hours. She believes there is nothing more gratifying than watching people come together over a delicious meal. Most days, Keren can be found in the kitchen trying out some new recipe while listening, and most probably singing along, to music, which is her sanctuary!

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