Oxana Pasternak

Oxana Pasternak, Jewish Food Project, Federation CJA, Russian cooking

Oxana Pasternak was born in Kiev and came to Montreal on her second immigration after living in Israel. During the day, she works as a PJ Library Russian Language Program coordinator, but she spends her nights with her three kids and her weekends scouting Farmer’s Markets for the best produce to pickle, preserve and turn into jams. She loves everything having to do with food.

1. What’s in your fridge at all times?
I always have some kind of homemade soup in my fridge (Today it’s chicken soup).

2. What can’t you live without?
Good bread and cheese.

3. What is your favorite childhood dish?
The best memories from my childhood involve the amazing and sophisticated cakes that my grandma used to make (that I am not able to replicate even with the exact recipe).

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